The girl from the East country.

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The Girl from the East Country

(Music and Lyrics by Robert Z. from the album South Game Story, RSA Music 2010)


There was a guy, far in the north, who met a girl from the far east.

He had a horse, he was travelling his life long and away.

She had a ranch, it was empty, really helpful she was to him.

He staid at her place, he was tired, she had someone to take care of.

He felt in love, she was pretty, she was pretty and witty and gay.

The river was crystal clear down in the valley, and all around the green trees and grass and the snow in winter, it was like heaven in their soul.


When the birds came back in that East country, "I have to go", he said : he had the travel in need.

"I'll only go, if we will meet."

"I don't want you to go, I only want you back."

"And I don't, but I need. I only want to come back."


He loved football, really he did. And did she, too ? Well, so, so...

He got an idea, she was O.K. :

Let's meet far in the South, I'll stand for my North, you'll stand for the East, we'll meet for the final, we'll be back together.

He left. He travelled away, to the East far away from that East country, where the men don't listen to each other. So didn't he know...


He didn't know, the East countryteam  won't go to the South.

He didn't know she decided not to go neither.

He was waiting near the stadium, she wasn't there. He was waiting for her team : there came the other one.

She said what for she would have come ?

She said, she had no faith to loose, and she lost it.



Et pendant que certains jouaient de la guitare, d'autres jouaient au football.

Algérie 0 - Slovénie 1.

A noter les 15 minutes passées par le camarade Abdelkader Ghezza, un syndicaliste altermondialiste qui a fait la grève pendant 58 minutes et a décidé de se faire expulser à la 73ème pour manifester contre la corruption au sein de la FIFA.


Bande-son du match : Beatles, "Revolution."

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